What Is Mental Strength & Why Is It Important!

mental strength
In today’s world, we often neglect the importance of mental strength & training because we are too busy brushing up the other aspects of our life. But what we don’t know is that building mental strength is what creates the difference between an ordinary life & an extraordinary life. You would have observed that some people seem to bounce back from failures & setbacks quite easily & quickly whereas some people really struggle to get out of that zone. So this is what sets apart mentally strong people from ordinary ones.
Everyone has the capability of becoming mentally stronger & everyone can improve the way they think, feel & behave. Just like going to the gym a few times won’t make you physically strong or give you a sculpted body, developing your mental strength is also a lifelong process where you persistently have to work on it. It takes a lot of hard work & dedication throughout your journey because life is all about ups & downs & how you deal with it shows how mentally strong you are.

How to be Mentally Strong

There are several ways to build up our mental strength but below I have discussed some of the ways which I personally found out quite effective & have practiced it to an extent. You can always compare your mental strength to your physical strength as it is also just a muscle like every other muscle in our body. Just as we go to the gym to build our physical muscles, we can also develop our mental health through some techniques & exercises.

Three Tools/Techniques to build Mental Strength:-

  • Practice Gratitude – I think this is the most important tool to get mentally healthier. Gratitude means being thankful for all the things that you have in your life. Be it people, relationships, or any materialistic thing. By consciously practicing gratitude you can become more optimistic & have a more positive outlook on life. It enhances empathy & reduces aggression & also helps you to improve your self-esteem & relationships with other people. There are several ways of practicing gratitude which includes:-
Writing a Thank you note. 
Thank someone mentally. 
Maintain a gratitude journal. 
Count your blessings. Always.

Gratitude turns what we have into enough”

  • Get Uncomfortable – This means you should always strive to learn new things by getting out of your comfort zone. A comfort zone is basically a psychological state where things feel familiar to a person & they are at ease & they are in control of their environment where only a steady level of performance is possible. But greatness is always achieved way beyond our comfort zones. Our brains are meant to give ourselves the least amount of inconvenience & that’s one of the main reasons why people succumb to their comfort zones. By moving out of your comfort zone you open a whole lot of new possibilities & discover things about ourselves that we would not have otherwise discovered. And I think the only way to move out of your comfort zone is to keep trying new things & keep failing until we succeed. It could be anything such as public speaking or learning any new skill which would be beneficial for us. It is difficult but the only way out is to be persistent about it & that’s how we become mentally strong. 

“A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.”

  • Plan ahead but live in the moment – This technique sounds contradictory in itself but I’ll explain the reason why I’m suggesting you do this. You should be having some goals that you want to achieve in your future and making a concrete plan of action to realize it is why planning ahead of time is necessary. It gives you a definite path to follow & restricts your brain towards any kind of distraction. And now comes living in the moment which means being conscious, aware & in the present with all your senses. Seizing each moment in life allows us to prolong its value & make it more meaningful. This is where we concentrate on the present without thinking about the past which we can’t change & without being anxious about the future which is not in our hands. The only thing that we can do is perform our tasks well living in the present which would ultimately result in realizing our goals in the future.
Yesterday is dead; tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet. I have just one day, Today”
Mental toughness is a personality trait that enhances performance & wellbeing which results in a more successful personal & professional life. Mental toughness can be measured using a Psychometric tool which was developed by Professor Peter Clough of Manchester Metropolitan University.
There are 4 C’s which basically measures key components of mental toughness & it can be understood by the diagram below:-
Image Source – Google | Image By – https://www.madstonblack.com.sg/mental-toughness/
Seven Habits of Mentally Strong people:-
  • They are generally optimistic.
  • They focus on solving problems.
  • They practice gratitude & optimism.
  • They practice compassion.
  • They never ever shy away from hard work.
  • They are okay with saying NO.
  • They motivate & encourage others rather than being envious of them.
Mental toughness is many things. It is humility because it behooves all of us that simplicity is the sign of greatness & meekness is the sign of true strength. Mental toughness is spartanism with qualities of sacrifice, self-denial & dedication. It is fearlessness, & it is love.”
                                                                                          Vince Lombardi
Check this link out to test your mental toughness

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  1. Very well written and explained about the basic contours of mental health which anyone can practice to improve their mental strength. Ofcourse if saying thankyou or being helpful to everyone can improve mental fitness, why not do it then?


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