Top 5 Skills To Look Forward To In 2020 & Beyond!

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It’s 2020 & relying on a college degree won’t take you much far in life. You need to have relevant skills to be successful in this cut-throat competitive environment.

Imagine you are hiring employees for your company & there are two candidates for the job. One has a fancy college degree with negligible skills, whereas the other one doesn’t have a top-notch college degree but has all the relevant skills needed for the job.

Whom would you choose? I think that’s quite a simple decision to make.

By saying this, I am not trying to undermine the value of a college degree. I am sure it matters to some extent & students still get to learn something in college. But developing important & relevant skills is what gets you employed & is the need of the hour in this volatile & ever-evolving market. Else your degree is just a piece of paper.

Top 5 Skillsets Needed In 2020

CODINGcoding skillset

In today’s world, it’s hard to imagine a world without computers. And if there are computers, there’s going to code. So it’s pretty safe to say that coding is the new language of our modern world. Every computer, apps, game, device, and everything runs on a certain set of instructions created in a way that humans can easily understand by humans & could easily execute. These sets of instructions are what we call codes.

The demand for coders/programmers is increasing rapidly. This is because people are spending on the IT sector more than ever. E-commerce and the gaming sector are flourishing & that’s one of the major reasons why there’s an ever-increasing demand for coding jobs nowadays.

And the important thing here is that core IT jobs need coding skills. Several other jobs like graphic designing, business analysts, and environmental scientists need to have a basic knowledge of coding to develop models to conduct their work.

So it’s never too late for anyone to learn the basics of coding to upgrade their career and widen their future prospect or just learn it as a new skill set that could come in handy in a way you never expected. Happy Coding, guys.


content creation skillset

If you love writing & being on the creative side, the content creator could be one of the best career options for you. There are many ways to create content these days; thank god to the internet & digital revolution. If you like writing & are good with words, you can become a content writer/copywriter in an organization or become a blogger yourself. You can even write your own E-Books & publish them on online platforms like Amazon Kindle or Instamojo.

If you like to be in front of the camera, you can create video content for your audience on your expertise topic & upload it on Youtube or any social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. You can also work for companies who need to promote their products by making video content. You can work as a video editor, graphic designer, or scriptwriter. So the opportunities are endless in this field; it’s just one needs to have expertise in a particular topic/subject & also being a bit creative in your heart won’t hurt.

The increase in internet consumption & the heavy influence of social media has made it viable for everyone to create & promote their content to millions & millions of people. But at the same time, this field is getting competitive too as the playing ground for everyone remains the same. So your content needs to be unique & powerful to stand out amongst others.


artificial intelligence skillset

Artificial Intelligence could be simply defined as machines that have a mind of their own. It’s the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to mimic & think like humans. In today’s world, from Siri to self-driving cars, from the Google algorithm to autonomous weapons, the use of AI is at an all-time high & it’s only going to increase in the coming future.

A career in AI could be lucrative with above-average job growth, but at the same time, it’s going to get competitive as well. One needs to have advanced coding, machine learning, data science, logical algorithms & many more. So if you are a science buff & love machine, AI could be the way to go forward.



Blockchain Development Skillset

This technology is completely going to revolutionize the way the digital world handles data & does daily business. Created as a platform for supporting Bitcoin, Blockchain is now exhibiting a versatility & security level that has made many businesses & governments notice it.

Blockchain is a chain of blocks where blocks refer to digital information & chain refers to the information stored in a public database in layman’s language. It’s a system that makes it difficult to change or hack the system. Its decentralized nature & cryptographic algorithm make it immune to attack. And this is the reason why Blockchain technology will redefine the technology in the coming years.

If this prospect intrigues you, you can step into it because there will be abundant opportunities for a blockchain developer in the coming years. There was a 517% increase in demand for software engineers with blockchain development skills in the past year & it will continue to go through the roof in years to come.


communication skillset

Communication can be defined as the process of understanding & the need to be understood. And in today’s world, where we rely heavily on sharing information, it is one of the most treasured skills to have.

No matter what hard skills you learn, effectively communicating will always top the others because nothing exists without it. It’s a basic life skill that can’t be overlooked. It helps you in many aspects of life, ranging from a professional career to your social & family life.

There are basically four types of communication skills one need to have to excel in life:

  • Verbal – Oral communication where wherein the message is transmitted through the spoken words.
  • Non-Verbal – It includes facial expressions, gestures, tone & pitch of the voice & your whole body language.
  • Written – Conveying a message through written symbols.
  • Visual – way to communicate ideas graphically.


I have mentioned Top 5 skills that would be relevant in the coming years & we will get to see a  lot of opportunities in these fields. But this doesn’t mean the existing fields & skills would become obsolete in no time. My main motive here in this article was to realize how important it is to learn new skills & also upgrade the existing ones. It would help you in every aspect of your life to grow & stay relevant in these changing times. And as you must all have heard, Change is the only constant.

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