Body Recomposition : 3 Steps To Lose Fat & Build Muscles At The Same Time !

Body Recomposition - Lose Fat & Build Muscle

I have talked about the most effective ways to build muscle or lose fat in my previous articles. Check out these informative articles if you haven’t yet. ↓

But did you know there’s a way you can build muscles & lose your body fat simultaneously? Yes, you heard it right – and it’s known as Body Recomposition.


This term ‘Body Recomposition’ gets very confusing with people because we are trying to achieve two diametrically opposite goals at the same time. We know that if we want to lose weight, we got to eat in a calorie deficit & if we want to gain weight & build muscle mass, we got to eat in a calorie surplus.

But to everyone’s surprise, it was found out in several research papers that it is possible to lose body fat & build muscle mass at the same time. This is because the body actually has been shown to metabolize & use your own body fat to now provide the necessary energy it needs to recover & grow your muscles despite being in the caloric deficit, hence enabling you to build muscles & lose fat at the same time. And in this article further, we will dig deeper into how to do it & what are the variables at play here.

Body Recomposition – Who Can Do it?

Recomposition basically means ” the action of composing or forming something again or differently”. And that’s what happens with our body, too, when we recompose it. But there’s a catch here. Only certain individuals are more likely to experience the most benefit from Body Recomposition. Let’s have a look at them:-

  • Beginners – Lifters with almost no or minimal training experience.
    body recomposition for beginners
  • Detrained Lifters – The ones who are away from any kind of training for a long time.
    detrained body recomposition
  • High Body Fat – People having a high body fat percentage, let’s say above 25%.
    Obese people for body recomposition

Although trained, experienced individuals are less likely to experience a body recomposition, there is still a lot of research suggesting that it is still possible for them with the proper execution of the certain protocols of body recomposition that we are going to discuss in this article.

3 Steps To Body Recomposition

STEP 1 The first thing you need to do is set up your Diet & Nutrition.
nutrition for fat loss & build musclesThis is the most important factor in body recomposition. So you got to be in a calorie deficit if you want to induce fat loss. Though the catch here is to be in a very slight calorie deficit, various researchers have shown that being in a higher deficit comes with a greater reduction in protein synthesis. So you don’t want to be in this state because you will never grow muscle mass in this phase & we don’t want that to happen.

Calculate your maintenance calories first & go on a deficit of a minimum of 5% & a maximum of 20%. Going aboard this range will result in inevitable muscle loss. Apart from calories, protein intake plays the most important role here. Aim for a protein intake of 1g/lb of your body weight. Then, fill up the rest of the calories with good carbs & healthy fats. However, it is recommended to take a higher carb intake to boost your performance at the gym.

STEP 2 Setting up your Training Routine.
training routine for body recomposition

The key here is to switch up your training routine to provide a new stimulus for growth to your body. Of course, you still have to ensure that you are training with optimal muscle training frequency & volume but at the same time, try to jinx up your routine by adding something that you haven’t done before or something that seems challenging to you. For example, it could be anything like :
– Switching your training split. For example, [ Push, Pull, Legs ], or [ Full Body Split ] or [ Upper/Lower Split ], or it could be anything. It’s completely up to you.
– Increase & decrease your muscle training frequency.
– Switch up exercises, meaning find alternatives for the exercises you have been doing & try something new.

Focus on getting stronger by doing progressive overload every week by increasing the volume of your workout. This provides the needed stimulus for your muscles to grow.

STEP 3 Optimize your nutrient timing.
nutrient timing for body recomposition

You have to distribute your macros very efficiently in 3-5 meals a day, especially your protein intake. Spread out your protein intake evenly in every meal to keep your protein synthesis level elevated to give your muscles the best chance to recover & grow even being in a calorie deficit. And also, ensure that you are ingesting adequate protein & carbs in your pre & post-workout slot. This helps in controlling the cortisol levels, which can eventually hamper the growth of our muscles.

Also, take your body measurements, bodyweight & pictures of yourself to track your progress. This would help you to identify the changes that are happening in your body & take appropriate steps accordingly.


So as I stated above, Body Recomposition is not for everyone, but it surely is a shortcut to transforming yourself if you follow all the given steps above precisely & work hard on it. It is a good technique to shorten your transformation & if you are someone who wants to stay lean all year long. But in the long run, if you want to gain or build more & more muscle mass, you will have to go with the traditional bulk & cut formula. You have to decide what’s best for you & what goals you want to achieve & then go for it. 😎





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