Best Chest Workout Routine To Try Out At Gym

Chest exercises & workout for men

Chest Workouts are fun, isn’t it? This meme below surely manifests the conceived notion about it precisely.
And did you know every Monday is called World’s Chest Day? 😆

Chest Day meme
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Chest Workouts are pretty popular & have a soft spot amongst people who workout & want to make a presentable physique. But at the same time, it gets very convenient to get complacent about it & not do the right exercises & follow a proper chest workout routine. This may lead to not having a substantial growth over a period of time because your body tends to hit the plateau. Also, your body can get disproportionate or in some cases lose your hard-earned muscle mass. So this article will provide you with 5 Chest Exercises which you all should be doing for improving your muscular mass & strength train. You will also get a brief idea about how a generic Chest Workout session looks like, which you all can further modify according to your body types & condition.


Lets quickly have a look at the 5 best exercises for Chest which you all should try at the gym:-

  • Barbell Bench Press
    It’s a no brainer, the first & foremost exercise that comes in everyone’s mind is BB Bench Press for obvious reasons. And rightfully so it has numerous benefits that ultimately help your chest grow. The primary muscles that are worked in a bench press are pectoralis major, triceps brachii & the front deltoids. The bench press comes in one of the pre-eminent compound lifts as it works up various muscle groups of our body. It helps to strengthen our upper body & enhance muscular endurance as well as also escalates our push power. There are usually 3 variations of bench press which are performed namely – Flat Bench Press, Inclined Bench Press & Declined Bench Press. The video below shows you exactly how to perform each one properly. Go have a look.
  • Dumbbell Press
    Although the DB Press also works up the same set of muscles that are hit by the old classic Bench Press, still there’s certainly something more to it. In DB press, you can utilize a limited amount of weights when compared to BB Press the dumbbells being independent, but it offers you to vary your grip to certain angles which helps you to hit muscles slightly differently & could be valuable for your pecs growth. Also, it requires more stability than the BB Press which helps you to strengthen your stabilizer muscles. Again the variation goes the same that is Flat, Inclined & Declined DB Press.
  • Dumbbell Fly Press
    Compound movements are important but so do isolation. BB & DB Bench Press are the compound movements that focus on more than single muscle groups. But when it comes to DB Flys, it is a single point movement which targets on your pectoral muscles, especially the sternal fibers that give you the separation look of your chest. Building a muscular chest is important but giving it a proper definition definitely adds up to the attractiveness of your physique. Again to jinx it up, you can go for the flat, inclined, or declined versions of it.
  • Cable Crossovers
    It is again an isolation move that helps to give your pecs absolute definition. The major advantage of this exercise is that you can set the pulley at distinct points to hit various muscles of your pecs. For example, if you set the pulley at the highest point, your lower pecs are targetted. Setting it at the lowest targets your upper pecs whereas at shoulder level it hits the middle section of the pecs & gives it definition. You can jinx it up to target your whole pectoral region.
  • Dumbbell Pullovers
    There are a lot of conjectures about this particular exercise that whether it targets your chest (Pectoralis Major) or your back (Latissimus Dorsi). A lot of research also has been done regarding this where it was found out that it emphasized more on Pectoralis Major than Latissimus Dorsi. If you want your muscles to grow, you have to target them from various angles & a distinct range of motion. Your pecs are no different, & that is what DB Pullovers deliver. Also when you perform exercises that require the muscles to stretch under load, you increase the possibility of muscular gains as well as improve your flexibility.
    You will not believe the ache in the sternum that this movement will produce! It literally forces your chest apart & forces it into new growth.
    – Arnold Schwarzenneger

Basic Chest Workout Routine

I am just trying to let you know here how a basic Chest Workout Routine looks like. You have to adjust it according to your body type, condition, injuries if any & your body goals. If you are facing any difficulty on how to choose between the exercises and what number of reps you should be performing, you can get to me on my mail ID or my WhatsApp number or any of the social media handles that I have linked at the sidebar. I’ll be happy to help you out with this.

Flat BB Bench Press | Incline Bench Press48-12
Incline DB Press | Flat DB Press48-12
Flat/Incline DB Flys310-12
Cable Crossovers (hit all 3)2 Sets each12
DB Pullovers312

Points To Remember

  • Before starting any kind of workout always properly stretch your whole body & have a nice warm-up session.
  • When I say warm-up it means dynamic one. Try out different kinds of push-ups such as inclined push-ups, Plyo push-ups, or diamond push-ups. ill make a different blog altogether about variations of pushups later on.
  • Always stay hydrated & take an optimum amount of rest between the sets i.e, up to 30 seconds if you are lifting light weights & 30 – 90 seconds if you are going heavy.
  • I have not mentioned Dips exercise anywhere in here, but it is another very very essential exercise for your pecs. So make sure you end your Chest Workout with 3-4 sets of dips until you burn out. It will you an unbelievable pump & burning sensation which would ultimately help your muscles to grow.

There is it. You are ready to go & pump up those pecs of yours.


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