5 Most Effective Ways To Lose Weight Fast!

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Some people are genetically blessed that they lose weight quite easily & faster as compared to other people without even trying much. Whereas for those other people, losing weight can be a total nightmare. So before you start cursing your genetics & metabolism, I want to tell you that there are a lot of ways to speed up your weight loss journey & achieve your dream physique in no time. Therefore in this article, I’ll be addressing science-based proven methods one can use to lose weight easily & effectively.


Weight Loss, whenever we hear this term, the very first & conventional method that comes in most people’s minds is to eat less & skip meals. And let me tell you it might sound somewhat logical but it isn’t the best method to look forward to. Weight loss is not a simple straight road journey, there are a lot of variable factors included which play an important part in how quickly you will shed your weight. And it’s not just about losing weight, it’s also how healthily you are doing it.

There are a lot of crash diet plans in the market these days which will show you results significantly in less than a month or so. But as soon as you are off it, your body will retain those pounds back again in no time because you primarily would have just lost your water weight while being on that crash diet. So it becomes very important to be smart about it & practice a healthy weight loss regime & also be patient with it.

Now you might be wondering what’s a healthy weight loss statistics look like. So let me tell you, people who tend to lose around 1 to 2 pounds per week are more successful at keeping their weight off than people who drastically lose their weight. Losing even the modest of weight like 5-10 pounds in a month could have major health benefits such as improvement in blood pressure, cholesterol & blood sugar. And this would also keep you motivated to continue further to shed all those extra pounds, so why go for some fancy crash diets which will ultimately do you more bad than good.

5 Ways To Lose Weight Fast

  • Burn more calories than you consume

lose weight

A Calorie is a unit of energy that you get from food that you eat. Suppose an apple consists of 100 Cal, this means that your body will be getting this much energy from consuming an apple. The energy is used by the body to do daily functional activities which can be divided into 3 different parts :

  1. Resting Energy Expenditure which refers to the calories used by your body to perform functionalities at rest such as blood circulation, breathing & more.
  2. The Thermic Effect Of Food refers to the calories used by your body to absorb & digest foods that you eat.
  3. Active Energy Expenditure refers to the calories used to perform any kind of physical activity such as playing sports, working out, or doing any household chores.

So the number 1 rule if you want to lose weight is to consume fewer calories than you burn which is termed as being in a calorie deficit. Its simple math. Right! If you consistently put your body in a calorie deficit every day, you eventually start to lose weight. This happens because when your body doesn’t get enough calories to perform everyday functions, it starts using the stored fat as fuel & eventually your weight decreases. A calorie deficit of around 300-400, in the beginning, is a very good start to get on with your weight loss journey & you can increase it further once you hit a certain plateau.

For being in a calorie deficit, you need to know your maintenance calories which you can calculate knowing your BMR (Basic Metabolic Rate). I have discussed BMR in a previous article & how you can calculate it. Check out this link – https://mindmuscleblogs.com/bmi-bmr-how-to-calculate-it/.

  • Strength Train & Lift Weights

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A lot of people who want to lose weight are often confused between doing cardio & lifting weights. Cardio is also a good way to lose some pounds but when it comes to strength training & lifting weights, it’s a complete game-changer. Lifting weights can change your life forever. When it comes to cardio, you only burn calories at the time of performing it, whereas, in strength training, you give your body a chance to burn calories even at rest long after your training.

This happens as weight training helps you to add on some extra lean muscle mass & muscle is an active tissue that burns calories. Therefore building muscle is one of the fundamental keys to increase your resting metabolism. This helps your body to burn those extra calories even at rest. So that’s why strength training gives you an edge over cardio to burn more calories throughout the day. And you know what, you can never go wrong with a bit of lean muscle mass on your body. 😎

  • Eat Protein-Rich Diet

weight lossHaving a protein-rich diet can be really beneficial in your journey of weight loss because of the following reasons:-

  1. Protein is the most filling macronutrient among all. It makes you feel full with less food. This is because protein decreases the level of the hunger hormone ghrelin & boosts the level of a hormone named Peptide which makes you feel full.
  2. Protein is considered to be the building blocks of our body. High protein intake helps you to build lean muscle mass & also maintain your muscle mass even if you are on a calorie deficit. The more the leaner muscle mass, the more the body will burn calories.
  3. Protein has a higher thermic effect than fat or carbs, i.e; it helps to boost metabolism significantly.
  • Cut Back On Added Sugar As Far As Possible
    sugary food

  1. So the first & foremost problem with sugar is that it is void of any nutrients. In other words, you are consuming empty calories.
  2. Sugar doesn’t fill you up or satiate your appetite. You will start to feel even hungrier after an hour or so.
  3.  Excess of sugar consumption spikes your blood sugar levels & impacts your hormones. This happens when daily consumption of high sugar results in prolonged elevated blood sugar levels also known as hyperglycemia. This state of being leads to weight gain by promoting insulin resistance. This happens when your cells stop responding to insulin which results in elevated sugar & insulin levels.
    This results in cells becoming resistant to insulin’s effect on blood sugar uptake. But they still remain responsive to the hormone’s role in storing fat, hence more & more fat is stored. And this is the reason why high blood sugar levels & insulin resistance are linked to weight gain or increased body fat.

P.S – I’m not asking you to cut back on sugary foods completely altogether. Fitness is a lifestyle & one needs to enjoy the process more than feeling restricted all the time. If you are really craving for it, have it, keeping in mind the portions of course. Don’t go overboard with anything. That’s the mantra.

  • Increase Your Daily Fiber Intake

fibre foods

Inculcating fibers in your daily diet would have many health benefits, one of them being aiding you in weight loss. Just like protein, it helps you feel full for a long period.  This helps to suppress your appetite because of which you will ultimately tend to eat less & your calorie intake will reduce significantly.  There are basically two kinds of fibers, one is soluble & the other one is insoluble. They are distinguished on the basis of how they interact with your body.

Insoluble fibers don’t get mixed with water & act as a bulking agent to form stool which helps in constipation, whereas Soluble fibers on the other hand get mixed with water to form a gel-like substance to which slows down the process of stomach releasing digested food into the gut & that is how soluble fibers helps you to lose weight & belly fat.


There are a lot of tips, tricks & methods nowadays to lose weight. And in this article, I have tried to make you understand the 5 most effective ways how you can go about it. And I have already stated this above in the article that losing your weight isn’t a straight path. There are a lot of variables at play here, so you got to decide what’s good for your body & which methods you will be able to continue for a longer time. Don’t fall for cheap tricks & diets, play the long game here because it’s healthy & much more rewarding than these useless crash diets. Now go & work your face off to shed those pounds off.

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