5 Worst Fat Loss Myths & Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

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Started working out? Great.

Eating healthy? Even better.

But still, somewhere, you feel like you are reaching nowhere near your goals & struggling to even shed a pound off your weight after being consistent for a long time. I know how you feel. Been there. Done that. And I’ll just say one thing that you are not alone. Many people struggle & go through the same phase where they don’t find themselves progressing anymore & eventually quit. But that’s not why you started your fitness journey. Is it?

So what I am trying to convey here is that it is entirely possible to achieve your fitness goals & that too in realistic timelines. It’s just a matter of making a few lifestyle changes & clearing out some myths that are quite prevalent in today’s fitness industry. So let us dig deeper & take a look at the 5 worst fat loss myths & mistakes one can commit or fall for on their fitness journey.

5 Fat Loss Myths & Mistakes

Myth #1 – You don’t need to count your calories

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Many people believe that tracking your daily calories is far too stretch & an unnecessary task to do if you are just someone who wants to lose some weight & lead a healthy lifestyle. I won’t say they are completely wrong but tracking your calorie intake can significantly enhance the pace of your transformation & you will be seeing results in much less time.

This is because, in research, it is found that the majority of people underestimate their daily calorie intake to a large extent. A woman was once examined where she believed she had 1300 Calories daily, which was way below her maintenance calories & yet she was not losing weight. And when her calorie intake was examined, she was having a mammoth of 2700 calories per day. So that’s the kind of error one can easily have if you are not rigorously tracking your calories every single day.

So what to do? Here are a few simple tips that would make your life much easier when counting your calories.

The first one is always referring to the products’ food label to know exactly how many calories it contains. That is the most reliable source you can depend on. Next, you can use food tracking apps on your mobile to track approximate calories consumption day in day out. I said approximately because these food apps are not very precise, but it should be a good start for all of you, to begin with, & lessen the error. And the third & the most important one is to buy a kitchen weighing scale that would help you measure everything you are eating in a day. It’s a one-time investment & trusts me, it’s worth it.

Myth #2 – Cardio is everything

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Without a doubt, Cardio is one of the most efficient ways to burn calories, which eventually aids in weight loss. But there’s a catch here. The cardio best works for weight loss when it is combined with some kind of strength training. Be it bodyweight exercises, weight training, or any kind of external resistance that helps your muscles grow & keep your metabolism checked.

This happens because too much cardio & no strength training will lead to muscle atrophy, which means losing muscle mass. And muscle mass is required to keep your metabolism up, so if your muscle mass starts to drop, your metabolism will also take a hit, which will lead to weight gain in the long run as your body now needs fewer calories to function daily.

Myth #3 – Spot reduction is possible

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Crunches, leg raises, mountain climbers, toe touches, Russian twists & the list goes on. Keep doing only these exercises & you will never ever see a single ab in your lifetime. I am not discouraging you & these exercises are great for your abs & core strength, but they won’t ever help you make your abs visible as long as you don’t reduce your overall body fat percentage.

The concept of spot reduction has been prevalent for a long time now & it needs to be bust once & for all. This concept follows the false belief that training a specific part or muscle group of your body will result in fat loss in that particular area.

Unfortunately, our body doesn’t work like that at all. To lose fat, you simply need to be on a calorie deficit diet, which means you need to burn more calories than you are consuming. And when you do that, your body takes that extra energy from the fat cells stored in your body. And the body tends to draw energy from the body as a whole, not just from the cells of the area you are working out.

Instead of focusing too much on isolation exercises, you should be doing more & more compound lifts, including multiple muscle groups to work at the same time & expend more energy.

Myth #4 – Fat makes you fat

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And again, I’ll repeat this fact that whether you lose or gain weight depends on your total caloric intake. Period. It doesn’t matter whether you are on a low-fat diet or a high-fat diet. It just doesn’t matter. If you are on a calorie deficit, you will eventually shed off those extra pounds & vice versa. It’s that simple.

One of the main reasons this myth became so prevalent is the caloric dense nature of fats. Fats contain 9 calories for every gram, whereas carbs & protein each contain 4 calories. Therefore if you follow a high-fat diet, it becomes difficult to manage your calories & eat in a deficit, which results in weight gain. Another reason is the low satiating effect of fat, which means it requires less energy for your body to digest, providing fats provide the most energy among the three macronutrients.

Myth #5 – Certain food & detox drinks helps you lose weight

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Detox drinks nowadays have suddenly become a thing. Everyone has it & everyone’s recommending it. But does it really works? Does it really help you to lose weight? The answer is a simple NO.

Detox drinks are simply fresh vegetables, fruits & herbs infused in water. Without a doubt, these drinks are very healthy & provide you with various nutrients & other health benefits. And these drinks are super low in calories, which makes you feel full for a longer period. But again, it has no role in burning off those calories from your body magically.

I hope this article helped you in busting some of the most common Fat loss myths trending in today’s fitness industry & if you want to gain more information on Fat loss, then check out these few articles related to it on the website:-



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  1. The only thing that’s gonna help you to achieve your goal is your Diet..You can do training as much as you can but if your diet is not clean you will not get your result at any cost..and for weight loss, the only mantra is Caloric Deficit.

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